I Met Adrianna Hopkins of WSVN Channel 7 News Today

There was a sad news event which transpired with in a mile or so of where I live.  Many of the local news stations were there reporting and most noteworthy to me, Adrianna Hopkins of WSVN was reporting live.

Adrianna is a fox.  Skinny, pretty and tall.  I said to my self, this is my opportunity to get a glimpse of what she looks like real live in person.  Being that she was only a mile away, I jumped in my vehicle, after making a quick Mapquest search of where the news event was taking place.  I drive into the complex after going down a winding road or two and there are police cars all over, yellow crime scene tape, a few news vans with their microwave antennas like 30 feet or so up and beaming into the sky.

<<< Adrianna is on the left

And there she was, my lovely Adrianna,  professionally doing what she does best.  A camera man had his apparatus beaming at her, as she was speaking into the camera.  After a short live clip she’d be on her cell phone and or black berry, primping her hair which was blowing in the breeze and doing reporter type stuff.

The first thing you notice when seeing Adrianna in person, is how model skinny she is.  It is quite astounding.  You’ve always heard that a camera puts like 10 lbs on a woman.  Well, in person, Adrianna looks like she can walk the run way.  She is 5′ 7″ tall, C cup breasts, very natural appearing and she was wearing 4″ heels.  Not of the pump variety, but more of a casual wedge type heel.

I, as well as perhaps 50 to 70 other spectators observed the news event transpiring.  For a good half an hour I observed Adrianna, her camera man, the other news people, the police and all of  the spectators.  The microwave antennas on the news vans started coming down.  Adrianna got into the passenger side of her news van, as her camera man was putting his camera stuff away.  This was my golden opportunity to quickly say hello to Adrianna.  She was very sweet, conversational, polite and pure and simple a very nice person.

A Heat fan I guess…..

I felt star struck as I was speaking to her.  The same excitement I feel when meeting a new escort that I will be having sex with in a minute or so, I felt when speaking with Adrianna.  There is just that excited chemistry in the air when speaking with a slender and beautiful young woman.  It is pure excitement chemistry passion.  Kind of a surreal experience, cause she is sooo beautiful, so locally famous, so professional, and yet I am interacting with her conversationally. It is kinda like a drug or a high.  Yet for Adrianna, it is her doing her job.  Her doing what she went to school to do.  Her doing her trade, her occupation.

<<< Lookin good in her jeans……

Adrianna has got it all.  Brains, beauty, an exciting career, a sweet personality.  She is tall and skinny.  Has a flair for fashion and shoes.  Pure and simple, a really nice girl.  I am sure many a man was heart broken via desiring her love and good girl that she is, she can love but only one man.

<<< A lucky guy next to the lovely girl her self

I am glad that I made the quick local trip to see her in person today.  It will make it all the more real when I see her deliver the news on TV.  Thanks Adrianna for being the gift to all of us South Florida viewers who see you on TV every day. :)